March Slice of Life – Day 1


This will be the second year of taking part in March Slice of Life. This wonderful challenge, of writing a slice of life each day in March, is hosted at “Two Writing Teachers“.

 Last year’s posts took place on my art blog “Bunny’s Girl”. This year, as writing has begun to take more of a centre stage, I have started this new blog, focusing more on writing. As you can see, I have a ways to go in its creation. I hope this month it will grow and morph into what I am imagining it to be.

February is past and hopefully with it, those feelings of not being good enough. I started 2014 with the desire to write and to be published. My word of the year was “embrace” and i wanted to embrace that desire to write. So, throughout January I wrote almost daily. I took part in some challenges and joined several groups. By the end of February, the doubts had begun and I slowed down with my writing. (The polar weather we have been experiencing hasn’t helped!)


 A picture book I had written and submitted was panned and critiques I had had done on several chapters of two romance novels pointed to much revision.

But reading writers’ blogs and posts on their journeys has helped me to refocus on what matters.  The advice “it’s the journey not the destination, that matters most” really resonates with me.   I know I have to keep writing every day.

This daily ‘Slice of Life” challenge will help (and maybe some spring weather as well!)





6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 1

  1. Like you, I aspire to publish, but for this season I have been enjoying writing and slicing weekly. The challenge of daily writing is still terrifying for me because of everything going on around me, at school and with the fam. I know the ideas will come, however.

  2. Welcome to year two! This is my second year as well. I am impressed that you have written a picture book. How exciting. Lots of people say they are going to write a book but never do…so you are way ahead of the game. Loved your picture…looks like our front yard right now…and more snow is on the way! Spring will appear…just on her own time. Jackie

  3. Hi Beverley! I’m happy to see you here! A friend of mine posted this last week: ” Kate Messner gave an amazing speech about the power of failure. She told a story about living with imperfection by trying, and trying, and trying again. Sometimes focusing on quantity, not quantity, of our writing is a way to honor the practice and give ourselves an opportunity to try new things, fail, sometimes succeed, and grow.” I hope it will help, too. The fact that you’re sending things out is awesome to me. That’s one thing I haven’t done much of, haven’t set it as a priority, which it is.
    I’ll look for you-the snow amount is amazing!

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