March Slice of Life – #7



Day 7 of the March Slice of Life, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers“.

Yes, it is an excellent challenge – if you have even an inclining of an idea. I have thought and thought throughout the day and ended up rejecting idea after idea:

World Day of Prayer – yes it is, but I was unable to attend the service.

weather has warmed up – snow is actually melting and the temperature is about 0 C (freezing mark in Canada) -good but no.

my tutoring – yes, I am enjoying it but it is interfering with my writing.

twitter – I’m becoming addicted and also much more political

procrastination – later

our Conservative gov’t – no way – my blood is already boiling just mentioning their name!

Lent – well lasted 2 days of watching my diet, but really trying not to worry

art – miss creating – just not making the time


And then there is just the blank screen – staring at the non-existent words. (couldn’t even spell that word right – had to look it up)

Today then is one of those morning pages – where you unload what’s on your mind to try and make room for something better. I hope that this will lead the way to better tomorrow. After tutoring til noon and then a late lunch, catching up on the newspapers and twitter, it is time to get ready to go out on date night. Dinner out and then probably some shopping with my hubby.

See you tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #7

  1. re: where you unload what’s on your mind to try and make room for something better. **
    Sometimes we all have to do this. I find not just for writing, but sleeping, or solving problems.

  2. I often am in this same state. Some days are better than others. Sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got…exactly what you did. Tomorrow is another day!

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