March Slice of Life – #9


 Today is Day 9 of the March Slice of Life, a chance to write daily in March, a chance to share slices/snippets of our lives. You can find the challenge at “Two Writing Teachers“.

Twitter has become an obsession lately. I did not use it much before the Olympics but turned to it to get first hand news. But as I followed more people, I got drawn into many different avenues – writing, news, art, politics and even horse racing.

In the past couple of days alone I have:

-discovered and took part in a webinar on stenciling with Julie Balzer

-discovered a decluttering challenge for Lent (40 Bags in 40 Days)

-found numerous articles and supports for my writing. One in particular was a look at the 6 editorial drafts that Helene Boudreau went through to revise her picture book “I Dare You Not to Yawn”

-read quotes

-found like-minded people who despise what our Tory government is doing

-cheered on our ParaOlympians

-found “21 reasons to make art” – an article by Adam Singer

-laughed, teared up, gotten angry and enjoyed so many comments.


Twitter is so many things, but it is definitely turning into a learning tool for me. I am addicted I must say.



8 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #9

  1. Okay, so I don’t tweet. I’ve been afraid to start since I can spend so much time on Facebook. But you make it sound so interesting, maybe I’ll give it a go.

  2. Twitter is wonderful! I always thought I had to have a smartphone before I could use it. Why did nobody tell me that it works just fine on my computer??? Now I am recommending ti to every teacher I talk to! Happy decluttering–I just printed a sheet (might take me for 100 days, but great way to keep track).

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