March Slice of Life – Day 14


Today is day 14 of the March Slice of Life, a fun daily writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers“. hard to believe we are almost half way through the challenge.

I have seen a number of people post lists and I thought about one I have partly made in the past for my children. They are always amazed at the number of times I have moved and where I have moved, throughout my life. I had always thought I would stay close to home, in Toronto. Instead, I moved a lot and have lived in a lot of different places.

1. Winnipeg – I was born here, and my first home was on Cambridge St.

2. Benny Farm, Montreal – vets apartments – where my dad moved to work at the Bank of Montreal (we had a lot of moves because of his job)

3. Monkland Ave, Montreal

4. Rosemere – I loved this house and village. Now it is part of Montreal

5. Orton Park, Scarborough (TO really) This and the next 4 houses, we rented, as my father couldn’t get a mortgage from his bank as he could have been transferred any time. As it was, he worked for the B of Mtl in Toronto  until he died in 1972 at age 49. But because we rented, we had to  move often when the house was sold.

6., 7. 8, 9.   4 different houses in  Scarborough   The last house we lived here a year. It was also the house we were living in when my dad died. I had graduated from high school and was working.

10. Last house in  Scarborough – My mom bought this house in 1973, her first house and she would stay until 2004, when she moved into downtown Toronto. It was my last home with my family as I went to university.

11. Residence, Carleton University, Ottawa

12. Year 2, another residence

13. year 3- an apartment with roommates

14. Residence, Queen’s University, Teacher’s college, Kingston

15. NWT – my first teaching job – loved it up north.

16. Home to mom’s , for a year while I looked for a job again in Ontario. nothing!

17. School trailer, Rycroft Alberta – Was hired to teach in this small farming community. I went there as a single mom with my 2 1/2 year old son.

18, 19, 20 – Moved to different apartments and trailers during the two years I lived there

21. Wabuman, Alberta – remarried and moved here

22. Cold lake, Alberta – moved here when I was 8 mos. pregnant – that was quite the move. My daughter was born there. Left after 9 months

23, 24. Pontypool, Ontario – lived there almost 20 years. My youngest son was born in Lindsay.We lived out of town and then when I separated, I bought a house in the town of about 1000 people.

24. An apartment, Cambridge, ON – Met my husband in 2000, married in 2002 and moved to Cambridge. Lived in his apt. at first.

25. Our house! Final move – circular tho – started on Cambridge St., ended up in Cambridge – eery almost! lol

There may be 1 or 2 moves in a distant future, but for now we are settled – have been here almost 10 years.


9 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 14

  1. WOW! That is a huge list! I have 5 (not including college). Two of them are long term – 22 years married home and 18 yrs. growing up. I sometimes wonder what moving that much would be like. I love this writing idea! Great thought.

    • At times I hated it – especially during elementary school. But I look back and see so many pluses. I tried to give my own kids more stability and they had that in Pontypool. They all have a wealth of friends even having moved away.

  2. I am so glad you have been able to stay at the same place for the last few years! You also must have many stories about all these houses (or your neighbors) you have lived in.

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