March Slice of Life – Day 15


Today is Day 15 of the March Slice of Life daily writing challenge, hosted by “Two Writing Teachers“. Thirty-one days of daily writing will be a great kick start (or restart in my case) to a daily writing habit.

I loved the idea shared about using your journal while visiting other blogs, to record inspirations from other slicers. I have started doing that this week and yesterday, I read a slice by Tammy and was inspired to write today’s slice. Tammy admitted to stealing, but really, she was inspired by Deb who was inspired by someone else. Great ideas really do inspire others.


I am  now retired, after 36 years in education.

I keep  so many keepsakes – from my children’s schoolwork, to cards and gifts and trip souvenirs

I wish  I could publish a book and hold an art show

I love  my husband and children dearly

I dance  whenever I can, especially when the music moves me

I sing  in the car or when I hear a favourite song

I think  too much at times, especially at night when I can’t sleep

I really  want peace in our world

I need  me time daily, just to be, to relax, pause and refresh

I should  declutter – especially my teacher files and books

I can  see both sides of an argument

I like  to always have a book on hand to read

I make  full moon dreamboards every month – tomorrow is the Full Worm Moon (What dreams are emerging?)

I always  choose the option that helps people when I buy things, even if it costs more.


4 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 15

  1. I love inspiration that spreads through the blogosphere.
    I think I’ll take it and try it.
    I want to see your dreamboards.
    I celebrate this slice of life.

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