March Slice of Life – Day 16


Today is Day 16 of the March Slice of Life, a daily writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

Tonight  there is a full moon and if you follow the cycles, it is the Full Worm Moon.

“The Full Worm Moon was given its name by the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior. At the time of this spring Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. ” (from The Almanac)

For the past three years I have been creating a dreamboard on the full moon, a practice that has become necessary and enjoyable. I keep a journal of these dreamboards and when I have looked back I often see that I have fulfilled many of the dreams I put in these boards.

I first discovered the creation of these through Jamie Ridler. She hosts workshops and information through her blog. Until there was legal questioning of using magazine images on our blogs, I posted them every month. Unfortunately, I haven’t for a while. But I still create and I still see the value in creating them.

As Jamie says:  ”  Dreamboards are fun and powerful creative tools. Using words and images, they express our desires and dreams, making them easier for both us and the Universe to see. Engaging in a regular process of dreamboarding can inspire, increase self-awareness and help you manifest your dreams. And to infuse this creating with even more energy, we harness the power of the moon by making or sharing these boards when she is full.”

There are many people who follow this practice.  It has become one I look forward to every month. I collect images and words all month and then pull them out and spread them on the table. Each month there is a question to think about as it relates to that month’s full moon. This month,  the questions are:

What is stirring?

What dreams are emerging?

I will put a background down in my journal, whether of paint, paper or gelli painted papers, and then think about the questions.

I used a gelli paper of greens – looking forward to spring!


 I will then sort through the new words and images as well as through the folder of older images I keep. It is intuitive – some will seem to jump out at me. Often, the dreamboard that I envisioned, is not the one that gets made.


Once I lay out the images on my background, I move them around until it feels right. Then I glue down all the pieces.


When it is complete, then you can see the dreams emerge and what is stirring. For me it is to take small steps, to work on my art and writing and to work at being healthier. I have to believe in my journey and express myself.


Some people create circles, some create digitally and gather images online. I like to feel the images and the words and the collaging makes it special for me. Each person makes it for themselves.

I do find these dreamboards a powerful way to express one’s dreams.

Try it, you might enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 16

  1. This sounds fascinating. I like how the Dreamboard is connected with the full moon of each month and how it evolves. I can see how it can be a powerful experience while creating it. I just checked it on Google…and saw some examples. Hmmmm….looks like something I might have to try. Jackie

  2. I’ve never heard of a dreamboard before. I’m completely intrigued. I’m pinning this post so I can return to it as soon as the SOLSC is over (and I have time to take on a project like this). Lovely, just lovely!

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