March Slice – Day 17



Today is Day 17 of the March Slice of Life, a daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Yesterday saw the end of the Paralympics at Sochi. After almost two weeks of competition, the athletes are finished for another four years. I have been holding my breath for the past month, worried that something would happen to dim these games. Yet, both Olympics went off with few problems and the games could focus on the athletes, which is as it should be. I had thought we should have boycotted these games, yet it would have denied the opportunity for these Olympic athletes, especially the Paralympians a chance to shine in their respective sports.

At the closing ceremony, the most touching part for me was the changing of the word “Impossible” into “I’m Possible”. What many of these athletes showed over these past few weeks was just how extraordinary they are. So many have faced extreme challenges to overcome disabilities. They are elite athletes who provide for us a shining example of perseverance, dedication and skill. What role models they can be for all of us.


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