March Slice of Life – Day 19


Today is Day 19 of the March Slice of Life, the writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Today, as I sat down at my C to write my slice, I had no idea what to write. Then I thought, why not just describe my day?

I had my tutoring session this morning. I have come to enjoy our 3 sessions a week together. I am enjoying especially the chance to share many of the books I shared with my classes and she is reading more. Yeah for great literature.

I arrived home about 2, had lunch, then sat and finished “Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo. I loved it. It was quirky and sweet and funny and touching. Quite a departure from Kate’s other books – which I loved as well. The read alouds of “Because of Winn Dixie” and “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” are high points of my teaching. Both really touched my students. Someone recommended reading Edward after my mother passed away – I did and it really moved me. It still does.

As I sat at the computer, I heard one of my favourite radio announcers “Adele” pose a question:

Which would you rather be:  10% richer  or   10% more liked    or  10 IQ points higher

As I have retired, I thought I would take the 10% richer. Then Adele gave the results of the poll from which she got the question:

39% wanted to be 10% richer

16% wanted to be 10% more liked   

44% wanted 10 IQ points higher

What would you choose?



10 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 19

  1. After working at the same school for 29 years and changing jobs, I found I miss my long time friends/family. My first inclination was to be liked 10% more. In my current job, I have made new friends, but I don’t expect the same closeness to ever exist. And in my current job, my friends live all over the state so it isn’t as thought we can plan to meet up for a coffee or that I will run into them at a local business. And after administering numerous IQ tests, I have come to believe, it is not the number in your IQ that makes you successful, it is the amount of determination you exhibit. I believe you will spend or save the amount of money relative to your income and you will not find increased happiness. Thanks for posing this question. very interesting

    • Thanks Patricia. I found it hard when I moved after 20 years and started at a new school to make new friends. Now that I have retired – it is even harder to get together with teaching friends.

  2. Looking at college bills for my daughter and retirement not that far down the road, 10% richer sounds good… though it occurred to me, there are a lot more ways to be richer than in money… and I think most of those really are more inportant to me…

    • Have to smile at your last part Jackie! I try to donate as I am able. A vacation definitely would be nice. Am actually trying to win a trip to Hawaii through our local radio station!

  3. I would choose the richer too & then donate the money like the commenter above. What an interesting question. I liked hearing about your day, too, Beverley. I really enjoy Kate DiCamillo!

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