March Slice of Life – Day 21 + 30 Words Thursday (x2)


Today is Day 21 of the March Slice of Life writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers

Yesterday, I wrote about the spring intentions dreamboard I create. I finished it last night . It took me some time to decide on how I wanted to showcase my intentions. The idea of rain and buds was my first thought – the rain became the symbol for what will nourish me over the next few months. The three buds stand for the three areas I want to focus on and beneath the buds are the roots that will help me grow.

ImageAs I looked at it this morning, my thoughts turned to the “30 Words Thursday” challenge. I had already written a poem yesterday for the challenge:


Where is she?

Hidden in snow.

Muffled, muzzled

Afraid to appear.

Where is the warmth?

The birds?

The green?

The flowers?

Spring, please push back winter!



But, the words came this morning for the intentions for spring:


Dreams for Spring

Time for new beginnings

Time for rebirth

Time to bloom

Time to grow

Time to move forward

Time to write

Time to create

Time to become healthier

Time for me.


6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 21 + 30 Words Thursday (x2)

  1. Hi Beverley, the intention board has such wonderful metaphors for growth-always love your art! I like the repetition in your 2nd poem, and the questioning in the first one. Lots of posts today about spring!

  2. Well, I love them both, Miss Bev! I also love that you are doing this visual wishcasting board. What a great idea! I think that it is just Time for Spring to show her pretty face! This Father Winter is really haggard and has overstayed his welcome! Enjoy the day. Erin

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