March Slice of Life – #24


Today is Day 24 of the March Slice of Life, the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Sunday,  my husband and I went out to buy a new CO detector. We already had one at home, but after reading an article on CO detectors a couple of days ago, I realized I had been getting it wrong for many years. I thought having a detector by the furnace was the best way to prevent CO poisoning.

The article was in response to family’s tragic loss this past week of three members of the family,  to carbon monoxide poisoning. This brought back my own memories of going through my own father’s death from carbon monoxide poisoning 42 years ago.

My dad had always warned us about rolling down a window in a car if it was running. I always do this. He warned us against running a car in a garage with the garage door closed. Yet, he did not follow his own advice. Whether it was the drink he had had that night, or the cold, he pulled the car into the garage, and let it run. Maybe he was listening to the radio and fell asleep. His death was a shock to all of us. My youngest brother was 10, I was 20. My mother was left to raise five children on her own.

When I read the article, I discovered 2 things:

*a CO detector is needed on every floor, especially right outside of bedrooms

* the detector should not be near the furnace

So we corrected the errors yesterday and I urge you as well, to be sure you have CO detectors. They are well worth the money.


6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #24

  1. I did all of this in these last 2 years, Beverley, checked in my new house, & brought the old one up to code. You’re so right about them! Sorry about your father, what an unnecessary tragedy. And we’ve had several losses here in CO because of this. One of the problems shared on the news is that poorer families can’t afford them-they aren’t inexpensive! Glad you shared today!

  2. Wow, I’m so glad you shared this personal story. We have a detector upstairs, but I didn’t realize they were needed on both floors. I hope your post results in many saved lives! So sorry for your loss.

  3. Beverley, thanks for writing about this. I need to put new batteries to my Co detector. I already have them but I have been lazy putting them in (such hard work). So sorry to hear about your dad’s accident. You rmom must be an amazing woman!

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