March Slice of Life – #26




Yesterday, Linda Baie shared what the origin of her weaving was. I commented and it brought back memories .

I said:

“I remember one year I did small cardboard looms for our pioneer unit and one group of 5 boys took off with it. At the end of the year they presented me with a fairly large woven piece, made from many squares that a mom had sewn together. All their initials were in the piece. I still have it and treasure it.”

It made me think about those special memories we treasure from our teaching days. (And it is not what curriculum I taught or even how well students did!)

Here are a few highlights I remember:

*Reading aloud and knowing everyone was so involved in the story, begging for just one more chapter. I felt that I had them in the palm of my hand. “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, “Stone Fox”, “Because of Winn Dixie” were just a few of their favourite books.

*Writing and illustrating books with students for different competitions

*Holding a “White Elephant Sale” – the children planned, set up and ran the sale to raise money for a local shelter.

*Building robots and writing and performing stories about them.

*Student teachers

*Christmas concerts.

*Poetry writing.

*Creating masks for our native unit

*creating Eric Carle papers and then collage animals with the papers.

*Creating dances based on “Stomp”

I could go one – so many of the memories revolve around art, reading, music and drama. Even though I had to “prepare the kids” for the Gr. 3 assessment, to me, what was important, was to ensure kids had exposure to all of the arts. There is so much to be learned from creating – whether it is a poem, a song, art or dance. Kids ned to be able to express themselves and find where their strengths lie. We all need the arts in our lives somehow.




12 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #26

    • Loved your post and it gave me the inspiration to write! That’s one of the pluses of the slice – so many wonderful posts that can spark some inspiration.

  1. As a former theater director, I feel very strongly about the arts. I’m very fortunate to live and work in a district in which the arts are essential to student life. I participate by writing, but I’ve always wanted to join one of the kids’ bands for the talent show. I should do that!

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