March Slice of Life – # 27 & 30 Words Thursday


Today is Day 27 of the March Slice of Life writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”. We are soon to the end of this challenge. It has been difficult at times to think of a topic, but reading the posts each day has given lots of inspiration. What a fascinating community of writers!

Today is also “30 Words Thursday“.

I couldn’t resist the poem I crated this morning. I am nearing the end of patience for this winter weather. More snow is expected tonight. Ugh! But, I actually saw my first robin yesterday!



I created an acrostic for spring!


S pring in name only

P lease appear!

R ain, not snow

I ce be gone!

N ature calls out

G reen grass to grow

T ime for growth

 I t`s due.

M ake it NOW!

E veryone seeks Spring.


15 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – # 27 & 30 Words Thursday

  1. Agreed. This afternoon the temperature felt like 17 degrees. One aspect that I can live with is that this time of year the sun seems brighter and lasts longer. Good luck with tonight’s snow.

  2. Here’s hoping that the Robin won’t regret his decision to come back! 😉 Thanks for joining the 30 Words Challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin

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