March Slice of Life – #28


Today is Day 28 of the march Slice of Life  daily writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Challenge.”

Twice I came to start my post and nothing came. So I checked emails and turned to the new post at  “Chatting at the Sky” and started to read what she learned in March. The second item caught my item. She had discovered playing Monopoly with her family. It was the second mention of Monopoly this morning. A new game is to be introduced by Hasboro with the inclusion of favourite house rules people have shared. You can read more about how you can vote  here.

It got me thinking about the games we played as a family, both when I was young and then with my children. For myself, I cannot play monopoly any longer. My brothers were way too competitive and we played for hours and hours, even saving a and continuing a game for days!

Here are a few of my favourite games:

1. Card games have always been fun. One of our favourites when I was a teen was “Up and Down the River“. (It has other names but can’t repeat them here!) We played 4 – 10 people and it was a lot of fun.

I also enjoyed hearts and rummy. We are just learning canasta now.

2. Racko.  I played this when I was a kid and then played with my children. It was a great way to encourage the order of numbers.

3. Wide World. I had this game when I was young and my own children loved it. It was a great way to learn where the countries of the world were.

4. Crazy 8 Countdown. This was one I played so often with my youngest and he was the king.

5. Cribbage I still love this game although I seldom play it now. My father taught me and to practice I would play myself (often losing to my partner!) My kids never enjoyed it much and neither does my husband. O play once in a while now when I can find another zealot.

6. Euchre I played this at university and still paly it, sometimes at church euchre nights. So enjoyable.

7. Scattegories. This has become THE game to play with my own kids when they visit. There is so much laughter and challenging of triple play choices.

8. Mexican Train. This domino game is the newest one we have learned and one we play most often now, with friends and with my husband’s children.

9. Solitaire. I have to mention these games as O play these online now, especially while waiting on the phone. I played different ones with cards and now play spider solitaire or mah-jong.

10. Word games. I love scrabble, but seldom find people to play with me. I also enjoy Boggle and online, Bookworm and Word Whomp.

Games have always been a part of our family. So much laughter and sharing and talking takes place, even some arguing at times. I cannot imagine not having those games to play. What an enjoyable time for bonding.

What’s your favourite?





6 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – #28

  1. We played euchre growing up in Canada. Where did you play? Another one of our favorites was Mille Bornes, a French card game based on cars and travel. My sister and I liked to play Clue, Monoploy and Masterpiece. Sometimes, we’d get crazy and play Monopoly with Masterpiece money!

  2. I played Canasta with my grandmother growing up, hours she spent with me-so much fun, & then I taught my daughter, fun their too. Monopoly has been a huge part of playing growing up, with friends in my early marriage days, & now with my grandson who’s in middle school. My granddaughter and I play Candyland (she’s 4) & it’s time to teach her UNO. Fun to hear all your memories.

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