Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday, a weekly writing challenge, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers“, a chance to share a small slice of your life.


As I look out on our back porch, I can see the dove sitting on her nest, hunkered against the wind and the rain. She and her partner have chosen a strange nesting site, atop a ladder. at the edge of the porch. We have had other dove and robin families before, but they always nested on the top of the stretched out ladder, better protected from the elements.

As I took the recycling tubs back to the porch yesterday morning, she kept her eyes on me as I went up the back stairs and put the tubs back in position. Already, in only a week, she has grown used to us coming and going and she didn’t move.

I missed having a dove or robin family on our porch last year. Now, I will once again get to see the drama of new life unfold.






8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. How fun to watch the raising of a family! We usually have birds in the shrubs around the house that I have to keep tabs on, but they are always hidden.

  2. Last year we had a robin family. It was so much fun watching the next being built and the babies. My grandson was awestruck.

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