Sunday check-in at ROW80.

The first week of the 80 day challenge and I am on track for a number of my goals.

* I wrote every day, working on a number of small projects this week.

* Saturday, I pulled out all of my romance novels (13)  and went through them, making a list of the titles, chapters writing and what was needed for each. I have decided to return to writing these and  finishing them all. When I was taking in our taxes on Friday, I was talking about writing with our accountant there and she ended up offering to read my novels. I sent two Friday night.

* I have read a number of writing articles this week. Lots of good advice in different areas.

* I have been reading a number of MG novels and picture books this week – studying the form of both.

* I took part in “Slice of Life Tuesday” and “30 Words Tuesday” and wrote a post for each.


Next week, I hope to work on editing my pix book script “Girl With a Curl” and continue research on “Jacob’s Journey.





4 thoughts on “ROW80

  1. Congrats on writing every day. I’m definitely struggling there.
    So these 13(!) romance novels are things you haven’t finished or haven’t edited? That is a lot of books. Good luck on getting them finished.

    • Hi Andrew. Actually there are 5 finished – more at novella length and need to be edited and revised again. I have several more at various stages – from 2 or 3 chapters, to almost finished.

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