Slice of Life Tuesday



Today is “Slice of Life” Tuesday – a wonderful writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”, that encourages us to share a slice from our lives.

A quick change of plans last week resulted in us travelling to Montreal this Easter weekend, rather than celebrating at home with my husband’s children and grandchildren.

My father-in-law’s health had begun to decline in the past two weeks. At almost 88, he was frail and everyone feared the worst. All of the siblings converged on Montreal for a visit.

After an eight hour drive, we went to Bill’s sister’s place, the one who has most of the care for their dad. Then his brother and wife arrived. We had pizza and wine and spent a couple of hours sharing stories and catching up.

If nothing else, this weekend gave the siblings a chance to talk about their dad, his needs and what they needed to do in the days and weeks ahead.

We visited Dad on Saturday and Sunday and it was heartbreaking seeing him so changed. We had last seen him in August and although he was in a wheelchair, he was alert, interested and well, Dad.

This weekend, he slept most of the time, hunched in his new chair. When he was awake, he mumbled or spoke in short bursts. He has lost so much weight and looks unwell.

I am so glad we went. My husband needed to see his dad and the siblings needed time together. We are all saddened by the changes and know it will be only a matter of time before we return to Montreal for a different reason.

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