It’s Midweek Check-in at ROW80.

I missed Sunday’s check-in as we were in Montreal and had limited access to a computer and limited time.

But the 8 hour drive there and back was very conducive to writing, editing and reading. I was able to get more done that I had thought I’d be able to.

*I edited my picture book “Girl with a Curl”

*I added another chapter to my new romance novel “Fired”

*I read 6 good articles on writing.

*I read several chapters of “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott (loving it by the way)

*I reread the critique I had done on my historical MG novel and did more planning and editing of it..


I gained two readers this weekend for my romance novels. This will give me a chance to get more feedback. It has also spurred me on to return to finishing the numerous romance novellas I have in various stages.

I will be finished tutoring next week and so will be able to devote more time to writing, which I am really looking forward to.


4 thoughts on “ROW80

  1. Wow! As an individual who both easily gets carsick and distracted by the rolling landscape, I am very impressed you were able to be so productive during the drive. Montreal is a great city, I hope you had a lot of fun on your trip! And congratulations on gaining new readers. Would you recommend any of the articles you have read?

    • Thanks Stephanie. I wish I had kept the links to the articles. I printed off several before I left so I’d have some to read. Lately I have been finding many through twitter – it is a time waster Iknow but have become addicted! The Creative Penn is one place I visit and really like her articles.

      • A good friend of mine would actually disagree with you on that 🙂 she’s found many a cool things, from internship opportunities to delicious recipes on twitter. It’s definitely a place where you can find some treasure 🙂 I’ll check out Creative Penn, thanks!

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