30 Words Thursday


(A part of my art room!)


Too Much Stuff

Too much stuff

Weighted down

Too many books

Bookcases overflowing

Too many DVDs

Piled high

Too many magazines

Overflowing baskets

Too many knickknacks

Holding dust

Time to declutter

To simplify.


30 Words Thursday, at Treasures Found,  is a fun writing challenge, to choose a topic and use only 30 words to expound on it. This ode to too much stuff is my nudge to tackle the books, magazines and other things that fill the spaces in my home. 

2 thoughts on “30 Words Thursday

  1. I think you and I share the same space! My bookcase looks alarmingly similar. Time to weed it out! Thanks for joining in the 30 Words challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

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