Slice of Life Tuesday



Tuesday is time for sharing Slice of Life, the writing challenge through “Two Writing Teachers”


Here it is after midnight – to me it is still Tuesday! I wanted to head to bed earlier but I am wide awake, tried but not sleepy. Too many things on my mind. I should have just gotten out my journal and wrote for a while and went to bed. But then I remembered I had not written a slice.

Tonight is about dumping my worries:

*my father-in-law was taken to hospital today (in Montreal – an 8 hr. drive) and is not doing well

* my husband’s blood pressure is high (170/60) and his fistula has been swollen and his ahnd and arm have been sore for days. (A fistula is the joining of the artery and vein i at the wrist usually so that the arm can take needles for dialysis. He had dialysis for almost 2 years before his transplant in ’03) His transplant doctor is monitoring him

*my older brother in North Carolina had news today that he needs to have a lifestyle makeover – no smoking/exercise/better foods or else

*my sister’s husband has to have back surgery this week as the spine is disintegrating

*want to write and have some good critiques for 2 novels I have written but just can’t seem to settle for any length  of time

*would love to be able to call up someone and just talk, when ever – miss that since our move here.


Okay enough. I think I got most of it out. And it did help – thanks for reading this far and giving support. Just been a bad week. 


There have been some bright spots today though:

*my daughter phoned and talked with her for a while

*talked with my sister-in-law and hopefully gave her some support

*read “Tales of a Grade 4 Nothing” – finally! 

*am reading “Bird by Bird” and really enjoying it

*flowers are starting to sprout – spring is finally here.



8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. The good and the bad, all mixed up. That’s life, especially trying to hang on and see the good when the bad is so overwhelming. These past few months have been kind of like this for my family, too, with one thing after another. Last night, driving home after a late meeting at school, the sky was dark, but then light broke through, and coming around a curve, I was met by a brilliant double rainbow! There’s hope!

    • How beautiful that must have been! Have only seen those in pictures. Hopw things are better for you. You’re so right tho – life is like that and we just have to go with the flow.

  2. I really love the balance you achieve in telling us your problems but concluding with your blessings. I hope the next week is better for you. Spring is here, and maybe you will have some beautiful days to cheer you.

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