ROW 80 – Sunday Check-In



Another Sunday check -in – only a bit late.

The past few days has seen some writing, some editing and work on my writing course.

I have added another chapter to “Fired” , and  was working on more edits for this book as well.

I have also gotten back to posting a bit more regularly at my art blog ( check here)

I also  posted on Thursday, my  30 words poem “Prayer”.


One thing I have found lately, the more I write, the more ideas keep coming. Inspiration is everywhere – in the street (squirrels), in the paper and news (ducks) and just watching people. My idea file is growing!

I also need to carry a steno pad, especially on the bus. Ideas come to me or a scene will appear and I have to get them down. As soon as I close my eyes at night, a scene will begin to play and I have to get up and write it down. I’ve learned to do that after losing a few scenes.

This week, I plan to catch up on the lessons on my writing course, so that by Wednesday, I will be on track with everyone else. It is a small group, with a private facebook group which is good. I need to do some catching up there as well.

I also want to write daily and to post to the challenges I am taking part in.


Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


5 thoughts on “ROW 80 – Sunday Check-In

  1. A small writing group is a good thing. And even better is one where the intimacy of the size allows people to focus on each other instead of each other’s reactions to themselves. Sounds like you’ve got a good group, Bev.

    Hooray for the progress. Keep in up.

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