It’s the Midweek Check-in at ROW80.

The biggest thing this week, was the detour I have had to take in my writing course. I was working on catching up on the lessons  and doing fairly well, when i realized my picture book story did not suit the pb format. So yesterday, I started over – new characters, setting and problem. I had already started on a draft for this (written during PixBook WrMo. So have spent some time planning catch=up again. But this story is much easier to work with and grow.

I   posted on Tuesday – Slice of Life..


So, the rest of this week,  my major push will be to complete the lessons with the focus on the new characters.

As well, I will create my 30 word poem on Thusrday.

As the inspiration comes, I work on whatever story captures my imagination as well. 




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