ROW80 – Sunday check-in

As I look back over this past month, I realize that I have not been consistent with my writing and did not accomplish what I had hoped to in a number of areas. The month began with my father-in-law’s passing and I felt out of step all month.

I did write, I worked on my picture book course and I did a fair bit of editing. But i had hoped to be further ahead.

But, it is a new month and a new week – time to shake myself out of the doldrums and get to work.

*My goal overall is to write every day, at least an hour.

*This month I will be taking a non-fiction picture book writing course and am looking forward to that.

*I have several picture book scripts to work on  – O received critiques on three of them and really want to revise them.

*June will be research month for “Jacob’s Journey” so that I can spend the summer writing the rest of the MG novel.

*I am eager to finish my “Fired” novel – I am 3 chapters into it now.






4 thoughts on “ROW80 – Sunday check-in

  1. Bev,
    I’m glad you’re feeling more ready to resume your writing goals. It’s certainly understandably to need some time when life changes dramatically, but I find it personally refreshing when I find that desire for indulging my passions returning.

    May June treat you kindly, and may you be patient with yourself as you reorient. ❤

    • Thanks so much! I started a new writing course and getting excited about writing again. Also signed up for a writing retreat in July and eager for that as well.

  2. Bev, it takes time to recoup the soul after a life change happens. Let yourself come at things naturally, with comfort and eagerness, The words will flow, and you’ll be happier with them as they come. Keep the joy and the words coming.

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