Row80 – Sunday Check-In


A week has passed since I posted an update fir my reading. This past week has been hectic and I did not write much. I did research, read and work on my new non-fiction writing course, which I am enjoying.

Research  – going through my father-in-law’s papers for info on the horse his father owned and raced,  which I am using for my non-fiction picture book

                    -reading about PTSD for my “Fired” novel

                    -researching the lives of early Iroquis for my MG novel

Reading: – several non-fiction picture books as well as MG novels

                   -writing articles from many different blogs (twitter is a great resource for this)

Writing: – did write one picture book rough draft

                  -did some edits on “Fired” and pix book scripts

This week, my schedule is a bit more flexible and I hope to do more writing each day. (I read a couple of articles on word count and writing practices this past week and it was interesting to see how varied the accounts were. )


I hope to write  at least 1500  words every day.

I aim to read at least 5 pix books and 1 or 2 MG novels this week.

I will work on  my NF writing course and work on my horse research for this course.


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