ROW80 Mid Week Check-In


The past few days I have been concentrating on my non-fiction writing course with Kristen Fulton.

I have my topic, and have even written two possible beginnings. It is about a horse and have to decide who’s POV to write it from – the owners or the horse. I have done most of the research and gotten more books from the library today to do more.

I have also been working on editing several of my picture book manuscripts. I have typed three up now na am working on revising and editing. Two have gone to my critique partners and am working on their recommendations.

I also wrote 3 blog posts (two for this blog and 1 for my art one).

The rest of this week i will be working to complete all the research for my horse NF book and then start planning it out.

I also plan to work on another picture book script – needs a lot of revising, but one I really like.

I have read a number of NF picture books this past week and will continue to do that this week. There are so many amazing NF books.

All the best to everyone in the week ahead.

The rest of this week

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