ROW 80 Sunday Check-In


This month I have been working on my non-fiction picture book writing course – offered by Kristen Fulton (“Non-Fiction Archaeology). I am writing a biography of a special horse and enjoying the process.

I have also started a week long blitz of writing 7 sloppy non-fiction picture book manuscripts for WOW Non-Fic Week (again with Kristen Fulton). We had to do the research beforehand -I did most of that research and have 2 scripts done.

I have been trying to revise several of my picture books as I am attending the WOW Retreat from July 7-13, and we will have 4 of our stories critiqued in a round table format. It should be a week of learning and growing, I hope.

As the mood or inspiration hits, I have also worked on my “Fired” nove. I am also continuing research on “Jacob’s Journey”.

2 thoughts on “ROW 80 Sunday Check-In

  1. It sounds like you are keeping track of everything really well. I am curious about this special horse you are writing about, and why it is so special. Did it save someone’s life? Is it a miracle horse? I hope the retreat goes well, and good luck on your novel!

    • The horse was actually owned by my hubby’s grandfather and had the misfortune of being born the same year as Northern Dancer (1961) It will hopefully be a picture book.

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