Final Check-In Round 2 ROW80


Hard to believe that Round 2 is complete – 80 days of pursuing writing and being accountable. ROW80 has really helped me be more accountable and I feel that even though I did not complete all the goals I set back in April, I completed way more than I thought I would.

Here are the goals I set and what I was able to complete:

1. Write daily, for at least I hour a day. I am less worried about the word count, as I am of actually writing.

     Although I did not write daily, I wrote often, at least 4 out of 7 days each week, sometimes more.

2. Revise/edit/submit “Girl With a Curl” . (pb)

     I won a critique for this story and it gave me new direction to edit and revise.

3, Revise/edit/submit “Red and Wolfie”. (pb)

      I put this one aside and will tackle it this summer.

4. Finish research for “Jacob’s Journey” (historical MG)

      I bought an excellent book on the Iroquois and am fascinated with my research. Still have more to do.

5. Read 3 books on writing

      I read : “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott

6. Take one writing course – Picture book writing with Susanne Hill in May

        I have taken 2 writing courses: Pix book Writing with S. Hill  and “Non-Fiction Archaeology with Kristen Fulton – loved them

7. Read at least 4 articles on writing a week

     This one was easy to do. Twitter was excellent for pointing me to some great blogs and articles.

8. Complete first draft of new MG novel

     This was on hold as I was still researching and taking the courses.

9. Take part in two weekly writing challenges: “Slice of Life Tuesday” and “30 Words Thursday”

     This I was able to do most of the time, sometimes even 3 posts a week.

10. Be sure to check-in Sundays and Wednesdays for ROW80

     I started off strong, then went to once a week.

There was much value in taking part in ROW80 and I plan to take part in the next round., which starts July 7th.

All the best to fellow Row80ers.

I am looking forward to achieving these goals and being accountable for them, in a supportive community.


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