Slice of Life Tuesday – Happy Canada Day


Slice of Life Tuesday falls this week on July 1st – which happens to be Canada’s 147th birthday! It is a day that calls for celebrating what it means to be Canadian and what it is that makes Canada special.  In the papers I read this morning the theme was “Reasons to love Canada” I thought I would create my own.

1. The Canadian Flag

I saw it from its adoption in 1965 and it always moves me – especially unfurled, stretched out on a windy day. It says “Canada” for me -a symbol of unity and freedom.


2. Our diverse landscape.

I have traveled across Canada, from east to west and north and there are so many breathtaking sites. I have lived in 4 provinces (Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta and Ontario) and 1 territory (NWT), and loved all of my time in each. The only place I have not visited is Newfoundland – a treasure in its own right and one place I must see!

Mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, glaciers – so much to see and experience.

(2 of my fav. spots)


BC mountains

alta 001

Banff, Alberta

3. Connected to this is –  the water – oceans to the west, east and north; beautiful lakes and rivers, waterfalls


Grand River, downtown Cambridge, where I live


Avon River, Stratford


Waterfall, Whistler Mountain, BC

4. Our diversity in people and cultures


5. Our art

 From Inuit sculptors and printmakers, to the Group of Seven, Emily Carr and Native artists, to the work of Milne, Snow, and Pratt (to name just a few)  – there are so many artists who have shared their artistry and vision

6. Hockey

7. Real maple syrup, butter tarts, nanaimo bars

8. Our decency, kindness, willingness to help others in need

9. Great authors – Margaret Atwood, Joseph Boyden, Alice Munro, Mordecai Richler,  Farley Mowat,  Stephen Leacock, Yann Martel, Margaret Laurence, Carol Shields, etc etc

10. Heroes like Terry Fox, Chris Hatfield, Clara Hughes – humble yet proud, willing to go the distance, to put everything on the line.

There are so many other reasons. Check here for 147 more!


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday – Happy Canada Day

  1. Thanks for sharing your pride and love of Canada. I’ve only visited briefly, but I have been fortunate to know people from Canada. I am from the USA. I lived for a couple of years in the expat community in Lima, Peru, where my husband was pastor of the Union Church. In July, at church, we had patriotic services to celebrate Canada, USA, and Peru. I sang the national anthem of all three.

    • What wonderful memories you must have. It is a challenge to live somewhere far from home – but you tend to bond with the other expats that’s for sure.

  2. Your country is one I’d love to explore. The little bit I’ve seen (Vancouver), I’ve loved. What a great list you’ve created. Happy Canada Day!

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