ROW80 – My Writing Goals


The third round of ROW80 has already begun and I am a week late in posting. But – last week I attended an awesome writers’ retreat in Georgia and I was immersed in writing. What a fantastic learning experience. It really rejuvenated me and has me eager to become more focused on my writing.

Here are my current writing goals for the next 80 days:


1. Write daily, for at least I hour a day. I am less worried about the word count, as I am of actually writing.

2. Revise/edit/ 4 of my picture books. Submit one to an editor/agent.

3. Use the advice from editor Avril to revise/Finish  “Jacob’s Journey” (historical MG)

4. Read 3 books on writing

5. Take one writing course 

6. Read at least 4 articles on writing a week

7. Complete first draft of current romance novel “Fired”

8. Take part in at least  two weekly writing/reading challenges:  “It’s Monday. What Are You reading.”, “Slice of Life Tuesday” or “30 Words Thursday”

9. Continue to read MG, YA and picture books.


10. Post Sunday and Wednesday at ROW80


I am looking forward to achieving these goals and being accountable for them, in a supportive community.


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