Slice of Life Tuesday



Every Tuesday at “Two Writing Teachers” the “Slice of Life” challenge allows everyone a space to share a slice of one’s life.  


Last Monday, I traveled on my own to Atlanta and then drove with 3 others to  Enota  for a week long writer’s retreat. It was hosted by Kristen Fulton, whose non fiction writing workshop I have been taking (and loving!). It was truly amazing.

33 women took part in the retreat with about 15 agents, writers and published authors offering workshops and critiques throughout the week.

Each day was jam packed, from 9 to 6, with workshops on picture book writing and round table groups to get critiques from 6 others on our stories.

I met such interesting and caring women. We laughed and shared and worked together. The food was good, the advice was priceless and the comraderie was wonderful. I was sorry to leave.

It was most definitely the best retreat/conference I have ever been to!

This quote seems to speak to what we all were encouraged to do:

“Dream lofty dreams, as as you dream, so shall you become.” by John Ruskin

Yes, my dream is to be published and I am on the road to follow that dream! There I’ve sad it!



10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I love your closing statement, Bev: “Yes, my dream is to be published and I am on the road to follow that dream! There I’ve sad it!” I think every fledgling author needs to say this with conviction, myself included 🙂

    • Kristen Fulton is holding the same retreat next week, in a diff spot, near Atlanta. It was so valuable. learned a lot. And we get to submit to agents and editors!

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