ROW 80 – Sunday Check-In



This past week has been a busy one of revisions to 5 picture book scripts that i had taken with me to the writers’ retreat last week.(next year’s retreat is already available to sign up for – I’m already committed to going)  All of the stories had critiques done and were part of the daily round tables. 

Each day this week I took one of the stories and went through it with the critiques I received. Six or seven different opinions provided lots of feedback. Some of the stories were easier to work on than others.

I took a Non-Fiction writing course with Kristen Fulton (who hosted the retreat) in June and we are still together as a group, critiquing and revising our stories. I have never worked so hard on my writing as I have with this story. My goal is to submit it as soon as Kristen gives me a thumbs up.

I have been doing research this week as well and have even started a new story, based on parts of my mom’s and aunt’s early lives. Loving it so far.

I continue to read picture books – both fiction and non-fiction. There are so many excellent ones available.

I have decided to post only on Sundays as I see more progress over a week than just a few days.

This week i will be writing, researching and reading as much as possible. I want to really get my writing routine set in motion and follow it, so that i can be my most productive.

I am also taking part in the Writing Summer School at Nerdychicks. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. The focus is on character.


One thought on “ROW 80 – Sunday Check-In

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a delightfully busy time, Beverly. The thought of a writing retreat seems like an impossible dream these days. And yet, I don’t envy you. It sounds like it’s been as much serious hard work as playing with words in a scenic setting. A delightful proposition for a different day.

    The whole “I see more progress when I only post once a week”… well, yes, we see bigger results when there is a bigger space of time; the point of bi-weekly check-ins is less for the actual results and more for a chance to get/give support to each other (at least that’s my impression). Though it sounds like you’ve got a lot of back-forth support going on at the moment.

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