It’s Monday (on Tuesday!) What are You reading

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lLst week I shared a number of the wonderful picture books I read during the retreat i attended.I read over 20 books and enjoyed the stories and the lessons I took from them (beginnings and endings, characters, plot etc). 

Here are a few more:

A Splash of Red by Jen Bryant


This is a biography of Horace Pippin, a little known artist who loved to draw. His right arm was Injured during WW1 but he he would eventually return to creating art. He was self- taught and loved to add a touch of red to his paintings. Lovely biography – both words and illustrations.


Monsieur Marceau by Leda Schubert



A delightful biography of the internationally famous mime Marcel Marceau.This is a look behind the white face, at the man who has entertained us for over 50 years.


The Noisy Paint Box by Barb Rosenstock


Another biography, this one of the abstract artist Kandinsky, who actually heard sounds that colours made. 


Testing the Ice by Sharon Robinson


Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon has written a lovely biography of her father, based on an incident on the a rink with the neighbour children. Loved it.


Separate is Never Equal by Duncan Tontiuh


This is the story of Sylvia Mendez and her parents who filled a lawsuit and helped end school segregation in California. Excellent read..


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