ROW80 Sunday Check-In (On Monday)



Thunderstorms and warnings of a possible tornado, persuaded me to shutdown my computer yesterday afternoon. Even though I have an ipad, I chose not to post. After a full day away from the computer, I decided to continue with the rest.

This past week was productive. 

* I completed my last revision of “the Chestnut and the Bay” and will be submitting it this week. This was the NF book I wrote through “NF Archaelogy” (run by Kristen Fulton) and critiqued several times by her. During the last critique Friday, Kristen dubbed it ready.

*I am taking part in 2 online writing workshops – “Teachers Write” through Kate Messner and “Writing Summer school ” with the Nerdychicks. Love them both and so much great advice from both.

*I have also been reading and studying a lot of fiction and non-fiction picture books. (Check my posts on “It’s Monday. What are You Reading” for a look at just some of the books I have been reading)

*I have been working on a few of my other works as well, but not huge chunks of time. Have started a new story that I’m loving.

*Posted 2 posts last week – “It’s Monday…” and “Slice of Life Tuesday”


This week:

*I need to polish my story and my cover letter and then send to 4 agents.

*Read more picture books

*Work on my characters per “summer School” posts.

*spend longer blocks of time writing!


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