Sunday ROW80 Check-in




My 2 weeks of holidays are finished and I am slowly returning to my regular routines. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Lake George area (see here for some photos).

I did not do much writing although I did bring (and read) some of the articles for the two courses I am working on right now.

I brought my writer’s notebook and as ideas and thoughts came to me over the 2 weeks, I jotted them down. Tomorrow I will return to a dedicated time to write. I have a number of new contests/projects to work on, so that will keep me busy. I also have my “pacing to Wow” writing course to catch up on. So it will be a busy week.

I submitted my horse NF pix book script to three agents before I went away but have heard nothing yet. The great waiting game!

Wishing everyone all the best in their writing this week.

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