Slice of Life Tuesday



Every Tuesday, “Two Writing Teachers” host the fun writing challenge “Slice of Life”.

I haven’t participated for a week as we were away on holiday. I had our ipad but I purposely did not do any blogging. A rest from technology was necessary. I was finding I was spending too much time online – I was becoming a twitter addict! Tweeting about politics was addictive. So a week away was needed.

Now that I am back, I am trying really hard to limit my time at the computer. I am also trying to get more physical activity throughout the day. I also needed to spend more time writing. Before we left,  my writing and art routines were terrible. I felt as if my creativity had gone on vacation! Getting away has helped. My hubby and I walked a lot; I took lots of photos and we just had fun together. We both needed that.

Now I am ready to get back on track, get back to writing, blogging, and creating art. I plan to work on my writing courses and read more as well. There are lots of over things I have on my to-do list and I want to accomplish more – around the house and getting together with friends. 

This is the second September I will not be getting a classroom ready and I do miss it. But September is also a new start for me – and has been all my life. I feel recharged and have lots of story ideas and a novel to work on! Looking forward to being productive in the weeks and months ahead.

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