Row 80 – Sunday Check-In


This past week I was able to work on a number of goals:

*finished 2 chapters on “Fired” romance novel

*wrote article for Chicken Soup for the Soup Christmas edition

*worked on lessons for pacing to Wow course

*completed a number of posts

*read number of picture books and MG novels, as well as writing articles

 *wrote several days although still not consistently every day

This week’s goals:

*Continue to read more picture books, especially non-fiction ones.

*Work on my “Pacing to Wow” course – final week. Must catch up and work on using pacing tools to enhance at least one of my stories.

*spend longer blocks of time writing!

*edit article I wrote last week for “Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas” and send in

*continue to write at least 2 chapters this week on my romance novel “Fired” – working on having it ready for SYTYCW Harlequin contest


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