Slice of Life Tuesday



Today at “Two Writing Teachers”, it is time to share your slice of life.


I have been retired from teaching for a year now. And, I am still trying to establish routines – for writing, and for creating art 

I have accomplished a fair bit this year – from volunteering with “Strong Start”, tutoring 4 months, writing 4 picture books and working on several novels, taking several art classes and working on art challenges, as well as taking 3 writing courses.

But, it is the day to day routines that I have yet to adhere to consistently.  I have great intentions. I make my lists and have several ongoing projects and a great desire to write – but …..

The best advice from established writers is of course, to write and write daily. I do write, but not regularly.

My problem lately is that I cannot turn it off at night and have trouble falling asleep. It is usually after midnight, even 1 or 2 before I am tired enough to fall asleep. Then in the mornings, when I arise to see my hubby off to work at 7, I have been returning to bed for a few more hours of rest. Then the day has started off kilter.

Today it was 11 before I finally got up.I awoke with a headache and knew I needed more sleep – just not that much! Now I am playing catch up.

The usual distractions play in as well – visiting blogs, twitter, reading. Once my hubby returns from work at 5, I do less work as well.

I must first get my sleep cycle sorted out. It was much better when I was tutoring as my day started at 7 and I only had so many hours for me.

Well, holidays are over. September has always been the start of a new year for me and even though I am not teaching, it still seems like a new, clean slate. I have a number of projects to work on, both writing and art. I need to plan my days so that I am more productive. But also need to insert some fun as well. 

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. It’s fun to see someone else blogging about retirement. I’m just retired, and my first challenge is working through the boxes in our garage (brought home from school. I’ll always love the fresh start of September whether I’m in the classroom or not. Your “fair bit” you’ve accomplish is a “phenomenal lot.” Good luck establishing those routines.

    • Thanks Ramona. I still have so many teaching books and tubs left to deal with. I sold some, gave stuff away but some I’m still afraid to part with. thanks for stopping by!

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