ROW 80 Sunday Check-In




Only three more weeks of this round of ROW80 – the time seems to have sped by. Tomorrow is the first of September for goodness sake. September though,  has always been the beginning of a new school year and although I am retired now, it is still means a new start for me. 

This past week I was able to work on several projects and work on finishing my “Pacing to Wow”course.I did several blog entries and worked on revising several stories.

I discovered an interesting writing challenge through Pelican Book Group – create n inspirational novella for its Easter Lily story. I have a novella I wrote a while ago and I decided I could revise it to meet the criteria for this  challenge. The deadline is September 30th so I have a wee bit of work ahead of me.

I am also hoping to enter the SYTYCW competition with Harlequin in October, so I have a lot of revising ahead for my “Fired” novel. It is going slowly though.

I start two writing courses tomorrow: “Non-Fiction Archaeology with Kristen Fulton and “Picture Book Magic” with Susanna Hill. I am going to have a most busy month ahead!


Here’s wishing everyone much success in the weeks ahead!




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