Slice of Life Tuesday


Every Tuesday “Two Writing Teachers” hosts a writing challenge – to share a slice from your life. 


The day after Labour Day has always signaled the start of a new school year for me. The end of summer, a return to routines, the early morning rush,  lesson plans and homework. 

Now that i am retired , September still signals the end of summer, but different routines.It still means the start of a new year, new beginnings.

While visiting Steph’s blog yesterday , I was inspired by her post on endings and beginnings. It reminded me of the pattern poem I always did with students – Hello/Goodbye.

Here are mine for the months ahead:

Time to stop procrastinating and wasting time online – spend more time writing and creating

Time to stop being inactive – make more time for exercise

Time to eat less – eat better, especially more fruit and vegetables

Time to stop negative thoughts  – reach out to others

Time to stop reading about events – speak out and write about what is wrong


It will be a time to – create more

                            -write more

                            -eat well

                            -move, dance

                            -laugh more

                            -be brave





7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I visited Words of Me Project Sunday and she is starting a 100 day project which I am going to do as well. It was where the brave idea came from. Thanks for stopping by Crystal

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