Slice of Life Tuesday



Each week a “Two Writing Teachers”, the writing challenge “Slice of Life” gives each of us a chance to share a slice of our life with a wide, supportive community of writers.


Highs and lows. As I have begun to write more, I am experiencing these more as well.

Highs when I sove a writing problem, write a chapter or several thousand words at one sitting, get a 1 at Rate Your Story.

Lows as I posted another and another pitch at #pitmad today, with no takers. 

I believe in my story, a non-fiction picture book about 2 horses, but I know it probably has a limited audience.

So – I take the best writing advice around – keep writing and then write some more!

Both yesterday and today I had to take the bus to get to appointments and both times I wrote a chapter for my novella. That is a definite high.

I am taking courses, connecting with other writers, taking part in ROW80 (for accountability), reading and studying, and of course, writing. Hopefully, the highs will outbalance the lows.


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