ROW80- Sunday (on Monday) Check-In


It is time for the weekly check-in at ROW80. This past week I achieved some goals but fell short on some as well.

I did some work on my writing courses but am already behind.

I wrote three chapters of my novella  and have one more to go. My focus has been on that novella . I had hoped to do more on the novel for the SYTYCW contest but I am behind that as well. I had set goals for both for September but am behind.

I wrote daily but did not srirte all of the blog posts I usually do.

I have been reading a number pf picture books as well.

This week I plan to:

-stick to a regular writing routine – I find this has been the hardest to achieve!

-finish my novella and begin revisions on it

-work on a picture book revision for my new critique group

-work on my novel

-work to catch up on my writing courses

-continue reading picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as several MG novels


2 thoughts on “ROW80- Sunday (on Monday) Check-In

  1. It really is all about a routine. I’m glad I popped by to read your post, because it makes me more determined than ever to get my butt in gear. Life has been having its way with me ALL too often these days. Wishing you all the best as the round draws to a close.

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