Slice of Life Tuesday


“Two Writing Teachers” hosts a wonderful weekly writing challenge – Slice of Life Tuesday. It offers a chance to focus on a small slice of your life, and share it in a supportive writing community.

I was cleaning out the top shelf of my bedroom closet yesterday and I ended up covering the bed with bags and bags of stuff. I found many things that I had either forgotten I had or was looking for and couldn’t find.

I found:

-a bag of small notebooks that I had planned to give to one of my classes -now I am retired!

-a bag of Valentine heart candies to use for a math unit at school – from 2012 – now in composting

-old purses – several now to go to Goodwill

-stuffies – more for Goodwill

-a bag of Valentine gifts for my hubby – will have to wait til next Feb. 14th

Yes, it was good to reorganize the shelf, but it made me sad (and mad!) to think so many things got lost and were never used when they should have been.

I resolve to:

-keep that shelf tidy

-update my gift notebook and keep track of all the gifts I have, for all holidays, not just Christmas

-keep on with more decluttering! I have joined a 52 week reorganizing your house cahllenge (CHaOS) and am actually thinking it may work! (a right brain woman is running it!)

14 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I know I need to do this too, but it will just have to wait. However, I had to get everything off the floor in my office because my husband set up a carpet cleaning appointment. I suppose when I put things back I should sort. Okay that thought passed, I’ll move on.

  2. Love Elsie’s comment. I’m decluttering stuff from school (retired this year), and while, I’m still hanging on to some things, I’m sending the rest out to bless others. I may need to find out more about the CHaOS challenge.

  3. I cleaned up some stuff in my bedroom this weekend and I found a shirt I bought last fall and have never worn…still had the tag on it! I wore it Monday! I still have so much more to do!

  4. I have a small space and have to declutter often…it is more than likely that I find gems hidden in my daughter’s room than any place else. It sounds like you were able to repurpose most of the stuff!

  5. Unschooling is delightful, and brings us much joy and incredible learning – and EPIC amounts of clutter. I’ve been slowly moving around the perimeter of my bedroom, and my study, where sciency and arty supplies are, because it’s a small house, with not enough storage for all the stuff we want to store…

    The number of things the kids have made me is staggering. So is the number of magnets we have – and I haven’t bought any new ones since my 10 year old was 5! I took a picture of Mount Magnet I’ll use in a blog post one day…

    The ChaOS program sounds intriguing. I think I’ll check it out! =D

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