ROW 80 Sunday Check-In


It is time for the weekly check-in at ROW80. This past week I was able to achieve a number of goals, although would have preferred to have achieved more.

I did some work on my writing courses but am still behind.

I wrote one more chapter but still have one to go on my novella. I have been editing as well, and have had a retired teacher friend critique it. That has been quite helpful.

I have decided not to enter the SYTYCW contest with harlequin. I have too much to finish with that novel and the focus has been on the novella. I have been enjoying that whole process..

I  am writing in some way every day, whether it is a blog post or a journal entry or on the novella..

I have been reading a number pf picture books as well as MG novels.

This week I plan to:

-stick to a regular writing routine – I find this has been the hardest to achieve!

-finish my novella and continue revisions on it. I also have to complete the synopsis as well for the contest.

-work on revisions to my picture book scripts

-work to catch up on my writing courses

-continue reading picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as more MG novels

2 thoughts on “ROW 80 Sunday Check-In

    • I try to – I guess that is the important thing. Right now I am taking “Non-fiction Archeaology” with Kristin Fulton – wring nf picture books and I am enjoying it. learning a lot.

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