Slice of Life Tuesday


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I am entering new territory. Last week my daughter got engaged, wo I will soon be the mother of the bride.

I have been a bride twice, twenty years apart. Both times I paid for and planned the weddings.

Now, my daughter begins to plan for her wedding next June.

They are planning in earnest already. They quickly found out though that there were no venues available on a Saturday from March through September. It means they will probably get married on a  Friday and possibly at a Niagara winery.

She has already asked me to go with her to look for her wedding dress next week. I am honoured. She wants me to walk her down the aisle – another honour. For my first wedding, my mother walked me down the aisle as my father had died ten years before. For my second wedding, my daughter was my maid of honour and my 2 sons walked me down the aisle. My husband’s  three children and grandchildren were involved as well.

So now I have some planning to do myself and look at my obligations and what I’d like to do for my daughter and her fiancé.

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Enjoy the fun of planning a wedding with your daughter, something I will never experience since I only had one son. Wedding are so filled with joy and love. Congrats to the happy couple!

    • Thanks Elsie.It will be an enjoyable time for sure.She turns 30 in Dec – was beginning to wonder if it would happen at all. One son has no plans to marry and the other just broke up with his girlfriend after 6 years together.

  2. My son just got married this summer, in June. They planned for a year… it was beautiful and emotional. I love my daughter in law, she too had her mom walk her down the isle. It was precious. Yours will be too! Congratulations mother of the bride from a mother of the groom. Blessings!

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