Final check-in for Round 3 of ROW80


This is the final check-in for round 3. As I went through the goals I set way back in July, I realized that I had achieved a good number of goals, surpassed some and didn’t meet a few. But I am pleased overall with what I accomplished.I know I have more I want to accomplish but I see myself moving forward.

Here are the goals with my assessment of each following.

  1. Write daily, for at least I hour a day. I am less worried about the word count, as I am of actually writing.

I wrote more consistently this round, although my writing might have only been a blog post or doing revisions on a current project.

  1. Revise/edit/ 4 of my picture books. Submit one to an editor/agent.

I revised one story, although I made some changes to a couple more. I submitted my non-fiction story to three agents.

  1. Use the advice from editor Avril to revise/Finish  “Jacob’s Journey” (historical MG)

Avril suggested that I make this story a contemporary one and I am stuck on the direction to take. My heart says the time travel is the way I want to go, but my head says she is probably right. I am taking a chapter/MG book writing course in October so I will work on that then.

  1. Read 3 books on writing

I have read one

  1. Take one writing course 

I took pacing to Wow in August and Non-Fiction Archaeology this month.

I also took part in the “Teachers Write” that Kate Messner ran and the Kidlit “Summer School”. Both were free and had lots of great posts on writing and many prompts as well.

  1. Read at least 4 articles on writing a week

I read many more than 4 a week – so many great blogs and websites that share knowledge and ideas on writing.

  1. Complete first draft of current romance novel “Fired”

I have worked on this novel but not finished it.

 I took up a novella I had already startedand have almost finished it for a contest due the end of September (“Easter Lilies”). I am really excited about this one and have really enjoyed working on it. It will be done and submitted by Sept. 30th!

  1. Take part in at least  two weekly writing/reading challenges:  “It’s Monday. What Are You reading.”, “Slice of Life Tuesday” or “30 Words Thursday”

I was pretty consistent with writing at least 2 posts a week, sometimes three.

  1. Continue to read MG, YA and picture books.

I have been reading a variety of these throughout this round and enjoying the reading.

10.Post Sunday and Wednesday at ROW80

I ended up just posting most Sundays and this worked for me.


I am looking forward to the next round starting October 6. I have challenged myself to be a sponsor next round.

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