Slice of Life Tuesday


Every Tuesday, “Two Writing Teachers” hosts their weekly writing challenge. It is a chance to share a slice of your life with a very supportive community.

Tomorrow is the first of October. Where has this month gone? I have accomplished a few things (submitted a first chapter for the SYTYCW challenge and  the “Easter Lilies” competition) but there is still so much to do.

Yesterday, i visited “Lost Coast Post“, the blog of Michelle Remy and was struck by her honest, powerful post. She has made a commitment to set a weekly schedule so that she could accomplish more. She found she was “splintering my time in the study too much, wandering from project to project or allowing other distractions to creep in.”

I definitely relate to that. I know I want to write and to write daily is the best advice. Yet, I am not consistent with that. I write as the mood hits – often at night.

Then I came across this quote on another blog:

The way we spend our time DEFINES who we are. by Jonathan Estrin (Are you Doing what you love? was the tagline!)

It really hit home – I spend too much time on the computer – on facebook, visiting blogs, on twitter. Yes, I am writing and even creating art but not regularly or consistently.

So – for October I want to commit to a regular routine of “butt in chair” – to write daily as well as create art.

There are a number of challenges in both writing and art this month that I will be taking part in:

*Chapter book writing course with Kami Kinard

*Round 4 of ROW80 begins Oct. 6

*a study of “Bird by Bird” by Ann Lamott is taking place on FB

*daily doodle at Art Therapist

*7 days of “PaperLove” from Oct 7-13

What are your plans for October??

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Oh I loved your post! And I’m curious about the Bird by Bird discussion on FB…will you respond and tell me more, please? For the first time, I’m sitting in my house and it’s dead quiet. Just me and my dog. My kids are officially all at school. The youngest is just in preschool, and I’ve found that the time is wonderful, yes, but it comes in fragments. I have to be very focused on my writing goals and very productive with the 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, 5 minutes here, 7 minutes there that I am now lucky to have (that’s probably my first accomplishment; feeling grateful about those fragmented minutes, not annoyed I don’t have longer chunks)! But I’m doing my best to continue to write and also get published. Bit by bit. Stitch by stitch. Bird by bird!

  2. Sounds like you have a busy month planned. I have signed up for a free on line course on How Writers Write Fiction….and I have never tried to write fiction. I just thought I needed to do something productive with my time and this was free. Sounds like October is going to motivate us! Good luck.

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