ROW80- Sunday (on Monday) Check-In


It is time for the weekly check-in at ROW80. This past week I achieved some goals but fell short on some as well.

I did some work on my writing courses but am already behind.

I wrote three chapters of my novella  and have one more to go. My focus has been on that novella . I had hoped to do more on the novel for the SYTYCW contest but I am behind that as well. I had set goals for both for September but am behind.

I wrote daily but did not srirte all of the blog posts I usually do.

I have been reading a number pf picture books as well.

This week I plan to:

-stick to a regular writing routine – I find this has been the hardest to achieve!

-finish my novella and begin revisions on it

-work on a picture book revision for my new critique group

-work on my novel

-work to catch up on my writing courses

-continue reading picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as several MG novels

Slice of Life Tuesday



Each week a “Two Writing Teachers”, the writing challenge “Slice of Life” gives each of us a chance to share a slice of our life with a wide, supportive community of writers.


Highs and lows. As I have begun to write more, I am experiencing these more as well.

Highs when I sove a writing problem, write a chapter or several thousand words at one sitting, get a 1 at Rate Your Story.

Lows as I posted another and another pitch at #pitmad today, with no takers. 

I believe in my story, a non-fiction picture book about 2 horses, but I know it probably has a limited audience.

So – I take the best writing advice around – keep writing and then write some more!

Both yesterday and today I had to take the bus to get to appointments and both times I wrote a chapter for my novella. That is a definite high.

I am taking courses, connecting with other writers, taking part in ROW80 (for accountability), reading and studying, and of course, writing. Hopefully, the highs will outbalance the lows.

ROW 80 – Sunday Check-In



Time to check in for ROW 80.

This week wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I did some writing – on my novella and blog posts but little on my novel. Ugh. I was hoping to have this finished for the harlequin SYTYCW competition. (The dates have been set for it – Sept. 22 to Oct.6 to submit your first chapter. )

Today I joined in a new challenge – Sunday Morning Musings. 

I also read, did some research and read several writing articles. I also started my two writing courses – both of which I have taken before. Making Picture Book Magic with Susanna Hill I was unable to finish in May so am retaking it.

Non-Fiction Archaeology with Kristen Fulton I am repeating as well as her course was amazing,. I completed a NF pix book which I have submitted (still waiting for responses). I have another subject I want to write and I know Kristen will offer support and input into its creation. 

This week I hope to put better and more consistent routines in place so that I can accomplish more:

*2 chapters each for my novel and novella

*work each day on my courses

*write several blog posts


Sunday Morning Musings



Hibiscus nearing the end of their run in our garden!


“Sunday Morning Musings” is a lovely look at life at the moment that I have seen at Paula’s blog “Little Scraps of Magic”

Here are my musings:

Outside my window a beautiful day, the last of summer. Blue skies, a breeze, flowers. Lovely!

I am thinking about my writing and how much I have to finish to be able to submit two novels by the end of September

I am thankful for my husband. He pitches in always, doesn’t mind my creative mess and is so supportive of my writing.

 From the kitchen, I can hear the kettle boiling with water formy tea.

I am wearing an orange tshirt with the words “women of faith” and denim peddle pushers.

I am creating  the first spreads for my MADE course.

I just finished reading “The Long Way Home” by Louise Penny – the latest in her Inspector Gamache mystery series. Loved it!

I am going to be writing a lot this week and have doctor’s and eye specialist appointments this week as well.

I am hoping see my daughter this week.

I am hearing a special show on Tom Durkin – race announcer at Saratoga who retired this year.

Around the house are piles of books, and Dvds and art supplies.

One of my favorite things is apple crisp – which I made yesterday. Yum!


Slice of Life Tuesday


Every Tuesday “Two Writing Teachers” hosts a writing challenge – to share a slice from your life. 


The day after Labour Day has always signaled the start of a new school year for me. The end of summer, a return to routines, the early morning rush,  lesson plans and homework. 

Now that i am retired , September still signals the end of summer, but different routines.It still means the start of a new year, new beginnings.

While visiting Steph’s blog yesterday , I was inspired by her post on endings and beginnings. It reminded me of the pattern poem I always did with students – Hello/Goodbye.

Here are mine for the months ahead:

Time to stop procrastinating and wasting time online – spend more time writing and creating

Time to stop being inactive – make more time for exercise

Time to eat less – eat better, especially more fruit and vegetables

Time to stop negative thoughts  – reach out to others

Time to stop reading about events – speak out and write about what is wrong


It will be a time to – create more

                            -write more

                            -eat well

                            -move, dance

                            -laugh more

                            -be brave





It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Hard to believe but this is my 100th post! Time sure does fly. 


I brought home a big bag of books from the library on Saturday, books to read for research for my writing course “Pacing to Wow”. Some of them I was drawn to and others just did not move me. Here are some of my favourites:

Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld


Loved this book! This is a skill for kids – to be able to see  both images in a  double image. Optical illusions was always a favourite topic when I taught science. Some children had such a difficult time seeing the old lady/young lady images.(Check here for the image.

Nugget and Fang by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Michael Slack


Great story of friendship and believing in your friend and putting your friends first.

Dogku by Andrew Clements , illustrated by Tim Bowers


Great book to use for writing haiku. Cute story as well.

Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler and R. Gregory Christie


Loved the rhythm of the book and the word choice especially.

 Be sure to check  at Teach Mentor Texts for a wide range of book choices.

ROW 80 Sunday Check-In




Only three more weeks of this round of ROW80 – the time seems to have sped by. Tomorrow is the first of September for goodness sake. September though,  has always been the beginning of a new school year and although I am retired now, it is still means a new start for me. 

This past week I was able to work on several projects and work on finishing my “Pacing to Wow”course.I did several blog entries and worked on revising several stories.

I discovered an interesting writing challenge through Pelican Book Group – create n inspirational novella for its Easter Lily story. I have a novella I wrote a while ago and I decided I could revise it to meet the criteria for this  challenge. The deadline is September 30th so I have a wee bit of work ahead of me.

I am also hoping to enter the SYTYCW competition with Harlequin in October, so I have a lot of revising ahead for my “Fired” novel. It is going slowly though.

I start two writing courses tomorrow: “Non-Fiction Archaeology with Kristen Fulton and “Picture Book Magic” with Susanna Hill. I am going to have a most busy month ahead!


Here’s wishing everyone much success in the weeks ahead!