Row 80 – Round 4 Begins!


Writing goals for Row80 October 6th marks the first day of the fourth round of ROW80 – a writing challenge that assumes you have a life and helps you be accountable for the goals you set.

This challenge has forced me to really look at the goals I hope to accomplish over the next 80 days. During this last round I accomplished some of my goals but have a ways to go to write daily and consistently.

Here are the goals I plan to work on for the next round:

  1. Write daily, for at least an hour a day.
  2. Be sure to check in Sundays and Wednesdays for ROW80 check-ins.
  3. Fulfill my duties as a ROW80 sponsor by visiting and supporting the blogs I am responsible for each week.
  4. Work on the Kidlit Novel Writing course I am taking in October.
  5. Take part in NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo in November.
  6. Read at least 3 books on writing.
  7. Read at least 4 articles on writing a week.
  8. Take part in at least two writing challenges a week (eg. Slice of Life Tuesday, 30 Words Thursday)
  9. Continue to support my two critique groups and submit a pb manuscript each month.
  10. Revise and edit my picture book manuscripts. Submit at least one this round.

Here’s to a successful round for everyone!



8 thoughts on “Row 80 – Round 4 Begins!

    • Thanks Kristen. PiBoIdMo – this is a writing challenge from Tara lazar – Picture Book Idea Month. Each day in November, you think of one picture book idea. There are prizes as well. A fun challenge.

      • OHHH, okay – I couldn’t even begin to work that one out. I suppose I could have Googled, but that would have taken the fun and speculation out if it. Best of luck with PiBoIdMo, too! 🙂

  1. Admirable goals 🙂 As a fellow sponsor, and a newbie (it’s my first time with ROW80), I’m hoping to learn from the pros. So I’ll look forward to catching up with you during the round and hearing more about your progress.

    • I am by no means an expert! I decided to be a sponsor to force me to be consistent and to get to know more writers. Will be looking forward to your progress as well. All the best!

  2. Great goals! I, too, am a ROW80 sponsor. Plus, I’ll be participating in PiBoIdMo (and OctPoWriMo this month). I did “attend” Camp NaNo twice this year but won’t be participating in NaNo. One of these years . . . All the best as you dive into Round 4. Enjoy!

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