ROW80 – First Check-In


This is our first check-in of round 4 and although it has been only two days since we set out goals, I have been able to accomplish a few things.

1. I completed my final edit/revision of my novella for the “Easter Lilies” competition which I submitted to Sept. 30. Now, it is just a waiting game! I printed off the whole novella using advice to print 2 pages on 1 and really found this great advice.

2. I went through all my novels, novellas, MG novels and paper back scripts and created a master list in a binder, with one page for each. I listed the status of each, as to number of pages/words or chapters.I wanted to have this ready for NaNoWrMo. I am hoping to write a short pitch for each of these as well over the next month, so that I have a clearer picture of where I plan to go with each.

3. I wrote 2 other posts – “It’s Monday. What are You Reading?” and “Slice of Life Tuesday”.

4. I visited my group of people I sponsor on Monday.

Ihave signed on for Jeff Groins “500 Words a Day” and I was actually able to do this this week. I wish it had been more. Mo goal is to aim for at least a thousand or more in the weeks ahead.



13 thoughts on “ROW80 – First Check-In

  1. You will be ready for NaNoWriMo with this preparation! Printouts. Outlines. Binders. Whew! I liked that idea of writing a pitch for each that shows your goals for the particular piece. Nice way to focus your attention, especially if you are going to work on more than one story. I’m also planning to participate in NaNo. I have my printout, 3×5 cards up on a board, but I have more research to do before my story quite jells. But we still have about a month. . . yes?

    • I’ve done NaNoWriMo the past 2 years – but succeeded in the word goal last year. I found it really pushed me to write – no matter what.
      I use cards as well – one per chapter – altho, maybe one per scene would be better.

  2. I have a similar system on a bulletin board, in bright happy colors.

    I’m plotting my NaNo project in Scrivener. I’m almost halfway through now – my MC has 30 scenes, and the other two POV characters have 15 each.

    I’m also writing a poem every day, taking two online classes, and revising three flash/short stories for submission by the end of the month.

    It’s a big tempting plate of goodies, and I am indulging!

    Sounds like you are, too. That makes me happy. =D

      • My Scrivener account was a gift from a writer friend who was an early adopter of the Windows system (I think she beta’d it), and got a two for one deal. She’s a very generous friend, and gave me the spare license.

        I was very intimidated, at first, but, once I really got into it, I was amazed at all it can do (and I’m STILL learning, two years later!). It totally would have been worth the purchase price to me!

        I’m moving along in the prep. This is the second novel I’ve plotted using Rock Your Plot, which is perfectly suited to the open-ended approach I take to rafting.

        I’ve got the first ten of my sixty scenes laid out and ready for writing, and the rest are well begun, so, even if I didn’t finish in time for November 1, I can begin writing immediately, and there’s something very settling in that. =)

        I’m hoping to be finished by the 20th, though, so that I can have a little simmering space before writing commences, and also so that I can use those last eleven days to wrap up a few other projects I’d like to be done with before NaNo starts.

  3. Thanks for the info on Scrivener. I’ve seen those free offers for webinars but have yet to sign up. I have plotted my novel for NaNo. but plan to flesh out the outline more in the next few weeks. I made 50,000 words last year but worked on several projects. This time I hope to take my noel over 50,000 words.

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