Sunday Check-in ROW 80


A week into our fourth round and I had both ups and downs.

The down was a first rejection for my NF pb which I sent out to three agents the end of July. She liked it, said it was well written but not for her.

The ups – I finally finished a pb script that I started a while ago, one based on my mother’s and aunt’s early lives. It is too long though – maybe I can turn it into a chapter book.

I have started the Kidlit novel writing course with Kami Kinnard and am enjoying it so far. First webinar was tonight.

I was able to write each day and wrote another blog post.

I was also able to read a number of excellent articles on writing and another chapter for the “Bird by Bird” book study.

In the week ahead, I plan to edit/revise another of my pb scripts, as well as to continue to write each day, read and work on my course. I also want to start plotting for what I plan to work on for NaNoWriMo.

Wishing everyone well as we move forward.

Also, I want to leave you with some words of wisdom from Toni Morrison. (I have rejoined ABC Wednesday and my theme for this round is to create collages of quotes from writers. Check here to see more of my art blog)

toni m 001


8 thoughts on “Sunday Check-in ROW 80

  1. It sounds like you’ve had some great highs this week. I’m sorry about the disappointment regarding your NF project. Still, the feedback must help, and I’m certain there’s a place for it. I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress this week and look forward to catching up with you Wednesday 🙂

  2. Oh – I love the quote AND the art….i’ll be popping by eventually to see more…right now, I’m a little wrapped up in plotting…

    I’m sorry the first agent was a no-go. Wishing you a better outcome with one of the others, and at least this one wasn’t just a blanket “No, thanks!”

    You seem to be gathering steam, and that’s a good thing! =D

      • It’s moving along. I’m not quite a quarter of the way through the final steps – scene summaries (beginning/middle/ending), Cheat Sheets, and the scene set up in Scrivener.

        I’ve still got some hours to put in, but, if I needed to start writing right now, I could get 20,000 words or more before I ran out of fully plotted scenes, so that’s a good thing.

        I really think I’m going to love writing this draft! =D

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