Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is time to share a “Slice of Life”, a writing challenge from”Two Writing Teachers”.

My day changes from a full list of items to check off and a day to myself, to a husband home sick and my list thrown out.

I read a bit, watched a movie with him (finally saw the movie version of “Les Miserables” – loved it! We had just seen the stage version a few weeks ago and loved that version as well), changed sheets, washed dishes, made coffee numerous times for hubby and watched over him.

I did get to watch my one show “The Voice”. I didn’t start my bigger projects as he calls often. At least he is feeling better tonight.

Tomorrow, I am off for the day to take my car in for the starter recall. Another day gone – but at least I will be visiting some friends and teaching an art class at my old school. Just my list will have to wait another day.Oh well, best laid plans …

I missed my hubby when he was gone last week so now we had 4 days together as this was Canadian Thanksgiving.

Three nights of turkey! Yum!


2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Next time, skip the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving though, but sorry your husband was sick. Plans do change, don’t they? Some days at school I just take a deep breath & go with it. Cheers, Beverley!

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